Kyrylo Bondar is a modern Ukrainian violinist.
Merited Artist of Ukraine (2022)
Currently, he is the soloist of “Kyivska Camerata” National Ensemble of Soloists
and the independent concertmaster of  Kyiv Chamber Orchestra

He graduated from Vinnytsia Music College named after M. Leontovych (class of Merited Artist of Ukraine H. N. Huseva) and Ukrainian National Academy of Music (class of Associate Professor N. М. Sivachenko and Professor I. M. Andriievskyi)
After graduation, he perfected his skills with the teacher M.M. Kuznetsov.
He is actively engaged in concert activities as a soloist and ensemble player both in Ukraine and abroad.
His collaborations include the National Academic Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine, the National Presidential Orchestra, “Kyivska Camerata” National Ensemble of Soloists, “New Era Orchestra” Kyiv Chamber Orchestra, Poltava Symphony Orchestra, Ternopil Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra, Vinnytsia Philharmonic Chamber and Symphony Orchestras, “Philharmonia” Chernihiv Orchestra, Zaporizhzhia and Cherkasy Symphony Orchestras.
He has played in Germany, France, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Azerbaijan and Spain.
He has participated as an ensemble player in numerous concerts with “La Chesta” and “Exultate”  Baroque Ensembles, Trio Samofalov, Kyiv Virtuosi Orchestra, NB chamber group. He collaborates with the Morphing orchestra (Vienna), I,Siedici (Germany).
He is a regular participant in such festivals as Kyiv Music Fest, Premiery sezonu (Season Premieres), Gulfstream, Kyiv Contemporary Music Days, Days of Ukrainian Music in Poland, etc.
His first premiere performances included works by Yu. Shevchenko, A. Levkovych, R. Hryhoriv, R. Horobets and other Ukrainian composers.
He is the author of the Ukraina Incognita Project aimed at the promotion of music made by Ukrainian composers.
During the period from 2011 to 2015, he was a concertmaster and soloist of the National Presidential Orchestra of Ukraine.